Eidetic categories in Luxury and Fashion

These categories refer to the forms of the objects that are emphasized, by discriminating and isolating the different areas on the visual surface.


Based on Western social conventions, specific meanings are given to certain lines and graphical forms on a vestment.


  • curved lines define womanhood and tenderness,
  • straight lines define manhood and dynamism,
  • diagonal lines ascending towards the right represent dynamism,
  • diagonal lines descending towards the left indicate falling,
  • open circular lines give a sense of comfort and warmth,
  • closed circular lines denote closure and elite,
  • lines forming a vortex create a sense of escape or movement,
  • semicircles give a sense of openness and warmth,
  • acute angles and broken lines indicate aggressiveness,
  • triangles and pyramids give a sense of strength and balance.


According to the most prevalent graphics theories, another point to consider is that the observer’s visual interest moves from large to small and from irregular to regular objects, and all this may alter the reading experience.


These basic rules of human perception should be weighed to decide, depending on the chosen relationship between sender and receiver, what forms are better suited to design and produce the fashion creator’s dress text.


If the idea is to create an item embodying aggressiveness, strength, elegance against the flow, or a collection evoking warmth, respite, tenderness and strength, the forms and the cut should be tailored to these categories.


more info about fashion semiology:


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