Zeitgeist and Target Satisfaction

The Semiomarketing aims to increase the Target Satisfaction


The Target Satisfaction (TS) is a concept derived from the Customer Satisfaction (CS).


CS: measures the perception of the quality of the services or products after they have been purchased by the consumer


TS: measures the perception of the quality of the services or products by consumers when they are about to become customers, but they are not yet, and thus may also decide at the last minute not to give rise to the conversion.


Zeitgeist is a concept very important to reach the Target’s Satisfaction (TS)


The translation of the term Zeitgeist is literally: “spirit of the age” . It indicates the predominant cultural tendency in a certain period.


The Zeitgeist of our current society, full of unfairness, arrogance, rudeness, treachery, cunning, fragility and instability is the research by the common people of commitment, honesty, fairness, morality and reliability.


So what does the Zeitgeist with the Target ‘s Satisfaction?


It ‘clear that there is a close link between:


– the idea that a consumer has about a company

– the products/services provided by it and the consumer’s desire to gain possession.
Given that the consumer feels more and more the need to find and get in touch with ideas of positivity, commitment, reliability, honesty, and so forth, it becomes necessary  to show the companies under a different guise, to appear ethically engaged , more reliable and therefore to enhance the conversion process target/customer.


Brunello Cucinelli, is a company leader in high-quality cashmere made in Italy


The Umbrian businessman has placed at the center of business management the belief that culture is central to the production of beautiful things.


The concept of ‘humanistic company’, as defined by Cucinelli, is expressed in a economic model which provides that 33 percent of the company’s revenue is intended for workers (who receive salaries higher than the industry average), 33 percent is invested to the Culture and Art and 33 percent is the return on investment of the businessman.


One of the tasks of Semiomarketing is to identify those signs, codes, symbols, shapes, languages ​​that can more effectively make sense to the receiver.


Another task is to show the positive values of a target company and  to improve its reputation.



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