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Ars Europa Academy collaborates with Semiomarketing, the new subject which identifies a connection between semiotics and marketing. On this prestigious channel you will always find plenty of topics that are covered during our courses. We recall that our Academy hosts a Semiomarketing during on-demand. More on: The link to the Semiomarketing blog is: […]

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Zeitgeist and Target Satisfaction

The Semiomarketing aims to increase the Target Satisfaction   The Target Satisfaction (TS) is a concept derived from the Customer Satisfaction (CS).   CS: measures the perception of the quality of the services or products after they have been purchased by the consumer   TS: measures the perception of the quality of the services or […]

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How to communicate Fashion and Luxury in an effective way? The SEMIOMARKETING is a complex system, formed by innumerable variables that interacting with each other can make obtain an effective result. The effectiveness of communication (and therefore its persuasive power) is not achieved easily and “instinctively” as many are led to believe, but only with […]

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