Fashion Semiology

fashion semiology Fausto Crepaldi and Cinzia Ligas

Fashion Semiology
The language of Fashion and Luxury, through Style, Communication and Marketing

€ 29,00

First edition – 2012
Series “im books”

This is not the usual glossy book on the world of fashion.

It is a wellspring of valuable advice to understand and learn how to use the secret language of luxury objects and of fashion clothing and accessories. A language of forms, symbols,icons, codes and colours, which has subconscious effects on the perception, attitude and purchasing desire of the target.It is a must read for all those who work in the fashion & luxury communication business and wish to do so in the most impactful way possible.

“Fashion Semiology, the Language of Fashion and Luxury through Style, Communication and Marketing” continues ideally on the web, creating a strong synergy ween the print and the digital mediums. The images are, in fact, available either by using the QRCODE (an innovative feature in an essay) or by visiting the blog. Cinzia Ligas, semiotician, and Fausto Crepaldi, digital media director, are among the foremost experts in Italy in luxury communication. They are consultants in semiomarketing, fashion semiology, fashion video advertising and virtual fashion, and lecturers at various prestigious university institutes.

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