To characterize the communication with those iconic or symbolic values best suited to bring out in the end user's desire to purchase


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Ars Europa, with many years of popular and successful collaboration with leading Institutes of Fashion, Art, Design and Management, has arranged a micro training course about “Fashion Marketing and Communication“.


At the end of the course, the student should be able to decide which signs, codes and communication strategies are most suitable for designing and communicating in relation to the perceptual results to be achieved in order to characterize the its communication with those iconic or symbolic values best suited to bring out in the end user’s desire to purchase.


Learners will be able, therefore, to understand that Semiomarketing is the fast track for optimizing the target-client conversion rate and customer loyalty.

The course will meet the needs of participants with backgrounds in media, sociology and other relevant disciplines, as well as professionals in the communications industry seeking to gain a more sociologically informed understanding of those industries


The course focuses on a critical understanding of the rapid changes in media and communications and their social and cultural consequences


  • The communication system. Signs: icons, symbols, natural signs(index) . The market is a place for social integration where the individuals necessarily use their interaction abilities.
  • Semiomarketing: Business Communication Optimization, Zeitgeist ad Target satisfaction. Marketing, Communication and their social and cultural consequences
  • Archetype, prototype and stereotype. The market makes sense only if it represents a meeting social area for different actors driven by different objectives.
  • The actantial model and the semiotic square
  • Jackobson’s functions in communication: the objective is to show that the market himself, apparently a simple concept, is subtly built by the sourrounding culture and society
  • Warpframe and Extrabrand


Communicative analysis of Prada, Dolce & Gabbana, Moschino, Fendi and Valentino adv.


This intensive course is conceived for professionals coming from the fashion  field and other sectors too.


All of the applicants will receive a certificate of participation with designation as a qualified “Communication and Marketing specialist”.


For more infos send an email to and write COMMUNICATION & MARKETING ENG as the subject topic.


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