The Language of Fashion and Luxury through Style, Communication and Marketing


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Ars Europa, with many years of popular and successful collaboration with leading Institutes of Fashion, Art, Design and Management, has arranged a micro training course about “Fashion Semiology: The Language of Fashion and Luxury through Style, Communication and Marketing“.


The course aims to illustrate to the students the signical and perceptual values (marketing oriented) of fashion and its visual representation, to help them to choose the best solution in the creation and representation of the fashion product and improve the critical approach and design. With these cognitive tools, learners will be able, therefore, to decide which signs, codes and communication strategies are most suitable for designing and communicating the creation of fashion, in relation to the perceptual results to be achieved in order to characterize the its communication with those iconic or symbolic values best suited to bring out in the end user’s desire to purchase.


This intensive course is conceived for professionals coming from the fashion and luxury field and other sectors too.


All of the applicants will receive a certificate of participation with designation as a qualified “Fashion Semiology specialist”.


Several topics of our program of study will be the following:


Step 1

  • The concept of Fashion semiology and Semiomarketing
  • Fashion conceived as communication system. Signical categories: symbols, icons, indexes
  • Costumes, uniforms and fashionable garments : investigating the difference between fashion and clothing codes
  • Visual categories: the shape and its meanings
  • The discursive structure of Fashion: time, space and actors. The concept of visual identity
  • Chromatic categories
  • Semantic categories in Fashion: tactile, metric, optical
  • Analysing Laver’s Calendar and understanding how people perceive trendy objects. Comparing the “use” and “purchase” variables within the Fashion System

Step 2

  • Plastic Denotation and Connotation
  • Use of frames for shooting Fashion objects
  • The observation point
  • The topological categories used for fashion images: the axial and sequential path
  • Jackobson’s functions in fashion communication
  • Use of figures of speech in Fashion advertising
  • Fashion as text and narrative. The actantial model
  • The semiotic square
  • Communicative analysis semiomarketing oriented and extrabrand of Dolce & Gabbana
  • Communicative analysis semiomarketing oriented and extrabrand of Bulgari
  • Communicative analysis semiomarketing oriented and extrabrand of Fendi adv
  • Communicative analysis semiomarketing oriented and extrabrand of Moschino adv



Cinzia Ligas, semiotician, is among the foremost experts in Italy in luxury communication.
She is consultant in Semiomarketing, Fashion semiology, Fashion video advertising, Net semiology and Virtual fashion. Professor or lecturer at various prestigious university institutes as IESEG in Paris, Istituto Marangoni in Paris and Milan, IED in Milan, Domus Academy in Milan, Style and Design College, University of Bologna.


Books and Publications:



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