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Thanks to the advice of Blumedia Art on the communicative effectiveness principles of the Net Semiology, very important and even international awards have been received.

Prize conferred to Regione Liguria Moebius 2003 for the web site Regione Liguria
The Moebius prize awards quality web sites creating a special event to promote the multimedia products of the italian publishers. This is an important occasion to give them more visibility and notoriety in the local and in the international area.

Prize conferred to Regione Liguria Città Digitali 2002 for the web site Regione Liguria
Città digitali is the prize conferred by the local public authority published by the annual report on the "Città Digitali in Italia" (Digital Towns in Italy) edited by Censis, Rur, Public Office Department and Formez.

Prize Smau Industrial Design 2001
In the 34 edition, it has been conferred to Microsoft Windows XP for the value of the ergonomic, perceptive and symbolic features of the product, the "usability" and the communicative effectiveness according to a semiotic approach. The research team was made up of the expert in Net Semiology Fausto Crepaldi, of the expert of Visual Science Massimo Hachen and Narciso Silvestrini, famous researcher in the field of color.

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