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Hypermedia elements
Master and course
Video is like a work of art, a sculpture. it does not need to be adorned, enriched or explained because by adding other elements it would become less perfect than it already is.
New frontiers in the communication by Internet
In preparation at the BlumediAcademy the new master starting on March 2004. It is a A Web Communication master for first degrees, undergraduates or graduates.

To create a good web site is necessary to learn how to communicate by Internet using correctly the diverse communicative elements such as colors, figures, words and navigation tools in order to avoid a misinterpretation of the message by the user.

Net Semiology is not just semiotics applied to the Web but it is a new discipline.

Its aim is to define the best graphical figures we should use according to the atmosphere of the home page, to find the right language according to the target we want to reach, to create the most effective labeling or the best relation between the sender and the web surfer in order to achieve its communicative aims.

Internet and the signs Mc Donalds
Internet is a world made of graphic objects, words, and movement. These are semiotics called 'system of signs' that stimulates the interaction between the web surfer and the web. The web site of the american big Company dedicated to th ones who love the fast food restaurants and hated by the no-global. Merits and faults of a web site that could offer much more.
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