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The hyper medial elements: video and sound.

The relationship between Internet and video is much more complex than it might seem at first sight. In fact, most web designers consider film communication (in terms of Net Semiology "the communicative register of the video") just like one of the several forms pertaining to content, such as the text and the graphics that make up a web site. In other words, the most common mistake in designing a multimedia web site is to consider film content as if it was text.

But offering video content in place of an image, for instance,does not necessarily produce in and of itself an automatic increase in the communicative density. In fact video is the same as sound. It is a hypermedia product so it needs its designated place and a different connotation from the ones of the other communicative registers.

We could compare the communicative registers that compose a text (a web site in this case) to the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle, which when put together coherently and harmoniously let us create an effective and complete product. We could use the metaphor of the levels for video and sound.

Once we have created a good web site, we need to implement one more reception level that we can define as a channel which has its own rules, and through which it is possible to derive our communicative flow.

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