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Internet and the stimulus-signs: a cat playing with a mouse.

Umberto Eco asserts that human sign behaviour is made of stimulus-signs that generate answer-signs and that we have no way to know the reality of the mental substratum unless we go back again to signs. Internet is a world made of graphic objects, words, and movement. These are semiotics called 'system of signs'. The presence of these elements causes the web surfer different stimuli and perceptive experiences which denote the complexity of this medium.

Graphic elements are groups of simple or composed "sign-objects" that have different properties such as proximity, distance, direction, similarity, movement, depth, color. For instance, in our spatial perception of a graphic sign-object we can make a distinction between the far figures and the near ones. We can say the far ones are visual and bidimensional since they are grasped as a whole, whereas the near ones are tactile because we can easily see every detail.

On the contrary, word-signs are artifices lacking a proper body and therefore they are not physically independent. For example, I cannot see the word 'cat' in perspective unless I particularly draw it, drawing and putting each letter in a different place.

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