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Cinzia Ligas

Cinzia Ligas writer and semiologist is one of the major expert in Italy af Net Semiology. Graduated from Rome University "La Sapienza", she writes and edits text and she is a Net Semiology consultant to the restyling of the web sites of many agencies, companies, public administration offices and we agencies all over Italy. He collaborated with InferentiaDNM as Content Designer and taking care of the Competence centre: -Semiotics applied to the web.

Co-owner of the new media agency Blumedia Art, she is the Web Communication Specialist dealing with Information Architecture, professional training, advising and designing web sites that are communicatively effective. She has published an interactive novel placed in the middle age, she wrote for ZeroUno Web Mondadori and she edited for PC OPEN of the Editrice Agape a monthly survey of Net Semiology and Usability. She participates to the editing of the essay published by Apogeo "Content Management". In course of publication the essay "Principi di Net Semiology", published by Hops Libri.

She has collaborated with Computer Graphic & Publishing of the editorial group IHT, with Apogeonline, with HTML and Rai Smartweb. She is chief editor of the on line review Eta Medievale. She taught at Ateneo Multimediale, at the Scuola Politecnica di Design in Milan and at the University of Bologna. She teaches at the BlumediAcademy and at the Istituto Marangoni.

To contact her write to:

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