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Every day the artists born on that day and their main masterpieces are proposed as a real almanac, in addition to the historical events that took place or were celebrated on that particular date.

Following the path inside the main museums of the world, to discover their masterpieces, sometimes still little known by the public and then proposed with greater pleasure by our editorial staff.

Do not miss the collaboration with our Channel and the editors of Polisemantica, which daily offer the best content on history, art and culture.

A visit to the main private collections, held mainly by credit institutions and foundations, allows for the use of an artistic heritage, otherwise reserved only for occasional exhibitions.

The main auctions of Sotheby’s and Christie’s, in an art market that knows no crisis, allows us to appreciate the best that passes daily in private collections.

Italian art venues are explored in monthly monographs, to explore the artistic and cultural fabric of the area.

The masterpieces of the main artists in the history of art cannot be missed. From Mantegna to Sandro Botticelli, from Beato Angelico to Domenico Ghirlandaio.

A rich proposal of contents to better appreciate our artistic, historical and cultural heritage.

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